Success is not something that is served on the platter for everyone just to grab it. It is a mixture of many components including passion, hard work, knowledge, and resilience. For someone to be successful in any niche, the basic knowledge of that niche is very important. Finding that basic knowledge may not be a challenge in this digital age, you just need to ask the right question to the right people. Passion also plays a vital role in determining your success. The more passionate you are about something the less of a burden it becomes on you as time progress.

This Digital Age has led to an advent in one particular field – Photography

Photography like many other fields is not restricted to any age or so. It is something nowadays everyone is interested in doing for fun. And in this digital age, one more aspect has been added to this niche called Digital Photography. With the boom in smartphones, it has become so simple for anyone to click a good picture and upload it on social media and get appreciation. But photography is not something that is just done by smartphones. Professional photographers invest heavily in the equipment and accessories for their projects.

If you are willing to start your career in PHOTOGRAPHY, this is the perfect time for it. As it has been said, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years back. The second best time is now”. 

So, I am giving you some tips on How to Become a Professional Photographer

Getting the right education in Photography

There is nothing right or wrong in Photography. It’s just what pleases good to the eye can be termed as a good picture. You may find some image very interesting, while the other person may completely ignore it. It’s just the way it is. 

In this field, structured training is not a prerequisite. You can self-learn, practice, and improve your skills without going to a formal educational institute. However, it can add a lot of value to your career, skills, and experience as a professional photographer.

Currently, it doesn’t matter if you go and get a degree in Photography. In this day and age, you can simply learn many things from Youtube itself. 

There are Certificate Photography programs that can be completed in a few months. They help students learn essential skills and knowledge in photography. These programs cover the basics of Fundamentals of photography, History of photography, Principles of Digital photography, and much other basic stuff that you need to know before becoming a pro in this niche.

Online Photography Course

In the current scenario, if you are employed in a different field and want to start exploring Photography, then you can choose from a range of Online Photography Courses that will give you a good understanding of the basics. Most of the courses are paid but there are some which are free to study. You can study these in your free time and get a good understanding of the basics in the due course of time. You can also join some groups on Facebook which are related to Photography. By following the guidelines and ethics of the page you are allowed to post your work there and get reviews from many other Photographers. 

You can always learn more about Photography by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and learning more about composition, aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, depth, white balance, etc. 

Internship Under Someone

It’s better to work under someone rather than messing up the work of your client initially. If you start by working under someone in your niche. You will learn new things on a daily basis which will eventually help you to improve your work. The type of lenses required for different types of shoot. How to use an off-camera flash is a very important aspect in the advanced level of Photography. In the future, if you have a very good understanding of light you can replace the off-camera flash with powerful light sources.

Finding a Micro Niche in Photography 

This is a very important aspect in Photography which will eventually help you earn in this niche. Like so many other fields, Photography has many micro-niches. You have to be very careful in selecting what you want to in the future.

There are a bunch of options from which you can select any mico-niche

  • Wedding Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Astro Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Aerial Photography
  • Stock Photography

It’s almost impossible to compile a list of all of the different types of photography that you can earn money from. For your photography career, it can be difficult to choose which path to take. Many photographers try out many paths in their careers until they find the one that suits them best. The most successful photographers work in a niche, something that they specialize in that few others do. The possibilities are endless, and finding your niche is half the fun. So, which kinds of photography would you like to master?

Getting the right types of equipment 

It is one of the very expensive professions in the world. You just can’t have a single camera and a lens and be called a professional photographer. You need to invest in the right type of lens according to your need. The list does not end here, apart from a camera and a lens you need to have a lighting setup of your own. 

There are different companies which have a hold in the market in terms of good camera kits. Here are some of the following –

  • Nikon
  • Cannon
  • Sony
  • Pentax
  • Fujifilm
  • Leica
  • Olympus

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot

The only thing that will make you a better photographer is practice and only practice. Nothing else will help you in this field. The more you are able to rectify your mistakes the better your chances are of becoming an excellent photographer.

Create a Portfolio / Setting up a Photography Website

After all the above is done, still the process is not complete. For you to get more clients, you need to have someplace where you can show your work to them without much of a hassle. A portfolio is a simple way where you can put up all your good photos and show them. Or you can set up a website on your own or ask anyone with the knowledge to do so. 

Here is one of the easiest ways to create a website using WordPress.


Photography is a hard-earned profession. There is heavy competition in this field. Not everyone has the courage to pursue this as a career. Having a professional camera does not make you a professional photographer. You have to bide in your time in this field. Improve your skills and learn new things simultaneously.